Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!

It's an official snow day for Mr. Ben.  The initial call came in around 6 am, telling us of a 2-hour delay.  The second call came an hour later, telling us of the official close-down.  At first, I was annoyed.  A little (as in 1 cm) should not = school closing, but as the morning went on and the snow kept falling, I began to think it wasn't such a bad idea.  I hauled the kids to the grocery store for a few essentials, but did a lot of slipping along the way.  Sadie screamed the whole time and I actually was unable to get my beloved paper towels, so I feel the whole trip was a mistake.  I saw numerous wrecks along the way (mainly into a curb).  The streets were truly iced over.  Clearly, us Texans are unable to handle this type o' weather. 

Yesterday, we made it to bible study and then to a girls' lunch afterward.  I just love the girls I study with!  Everyone is so honest and "real".  Here are our "littles" at lunch.



Miss Sickie

This morning, I woke early (as usual) and made some chicken-fried chicken and gravy.  That may sound strange to you, but if I wait 'til evening, it might not get done :) This pic is of the chicken in the egg/milk wash.  Didn't want you to think it was the finished product! Greg was more than happy to have me pack him a warm meal for lunch today.  Yes, he is seeing patients today!  Lots of sickies in Longview this time of year. 

Sadly, Ben's friend's birthday party was cancelled.  He is unable to fly in from Amarillo in this weather.  And Ben had worked SO HARD to receive all greens this week in order to go.  It will be rescheduled, though, so we will still be able to celebrate soon :)  Who doesn't love a belated birthday?!

Last night was spent in the kitchen. I made multiple recipes of chicken tortilla soup, as well as a veggie and fruit tray for the Super Bowl party we are attending.  I'm feeling accomplished :)

All therapies have been cancelled, so looks like we are on our own :)  We are on our way out to build a mini snowman. Let me rephrase that: I will be happily watching Ben build a snowman from the French doors in my very warm house.


Melissa said...

So glad it snowed for Ben!! The boys were beyond thrilled.. I don't think I've ever seen them that excited!!

Poor Miss Sadie still looks like she doesn't feel too good.

PS. Now I am dying for some chicken fried chicken!!!

Jenny LeAnn said...

We got snow here in San Antonio... it was beautiful while it lasted.