Friday, February 18, 2011

Our computer has been sick lately (as is most of Longview), but we finally have it back!
We had a wonderful Valentine's Day, but celebrated a day early (Greg was working on Monday).

Sadie and I received some pretty tulips on Friday :)

Greg received these from me.  The jury is still out...

Ben's latest obsession: Beyblades

Greg liked his pottery

The V-day party at Ben's school was a success, but I still need to download the pics :)

The centerpieces for the Blue and Gold Banquet are complete.
I truly hope this is what they were looking for in a centerpiece.  I have no idea... :)

In other news, Sadie had her first sip of an Icee.  The waiter insisted!

She was sucking so vigorously, I had to hide it for fear of brain freeze.  Poor Ben wasn't even allowed an Icee until he was 6! (and he has only had one since)

Speaking of Mr. Ben, here is a video of him at piano practice :)  Love how he bobs his head to keep the rhythm.  Do you hear Sadie singing in the background?

Here's to a wonderful weekend!


Melissa said...

Oh my gosh- Ben is so good!!! He has to continue!! Love it, love it, love it.

And Sadie was singing to the rhythm!

cindy said...

So glad you are back!
Sadie's hair is's getting so long!
I love the video, Ben was awesome and Sadie was singing beautifully :)
Tell Greg I am jealous... I have been wanting those shoes, but my feet are so big that I'm afaid I would look like a hobbit :)