Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Did this really happen?

Did I really get mad when I walked outside this morning to humid, warm weather?  It is now a cool 20 degrees and I CANNOT GET WARM.

Did I really call the pediatrician this morning and have them tell me there was a 2 day wait for sick patients?

Did I really call my husband only to be told there was a 3 hour wait at his clinic?  Um, I'm your wife.  Can't you squeeze us in?

Did he really tell me I could go to another urgent care clinic?  Surely that's a conflict of interest.

Did I really take my sick child in said weather because we are almost out of milk?  Did I really have to wait in line for 20 minutes for milk? Yes, I did.  And everyone stared at me while she laid her sweet, sick head on the grocery cart bar.

Did my husband really text me after I had been in line for 10 minutes and tell me to purchase supplies for 5 days?  #1 I am not getting out of line  #2 The weather will not get that bad  #3 Our baby is sick and falling to sleep in the grocery cart

Did the speech therapist actually walk backwards when I told her Sadie had a fever, but we could still participate today?  HE HE! She didn't even want to come into the house while I checked the calendar to reschedule.

Did Sadie actually refuse breakfast today?  That's when you know she is seriously ill.

Did I really volunteer to make 12 centerpieces for Ben's Blue and Gold Boy Scout Banquet?

Did Ben really pinch his teacher's bottom on a dare yesterday?  It feels like some horrific nightmare, but it's true.  He has written an apology letter and, per my request, will be at a detention desk, sit alone at lunch, and have a meeting with the principal. Tough love.  I promise he is a good child, but quite often falls when exposed to peer pressure.  Need to nip this in the bud early on!!!

I think I will do a "did this really happen" post weekly.   This was only in the last 24 hours.


Mom said...

I know it's wrong, but I can not stop laughing!!! You poor thing.
I love you!

-Cindy said...

Oh Sarah :)
I am so sorry Sadie is not feeling well... But Ben's little incident made me laugh so hard :)
Tomorrow WILL be better!

Tricha said...

OK..So I am happily reading along to my dear friend's blog trying to send her my prayers for her sick baby and grocery woes when she puts in Ben's "little incident"...I burst out lauging. That Ben is quite the character. You are one funny girl. Still laughing. I do hope tomorrow is better and that Greg can pull some kind of strings for you in the future....honestly, what is the use of a doctor type hubby who won't pull strings...
Take Care My Friend
Love Ya

Anonymous said...

FUNNY! I could eat Ben with a spoon...prayers for Greg and Sadie girl....for her because she is not feeling well and him ... you know why! Most importantly to you Sarah because you are the keeper of God's littlest angel. She is a most precious gift, hope she feels better soon.