Monday, April 11, 2011

Feeling the Same

Sadie is not accustomed to a 6 am wake-up call, but with Daddy in Nebraska, I have no choice but to wake her at that time to get her fed and dressed in order to get Ben to school on time.  She woke up 3 times last night.  I think she just knows when her Daddy is gone.  Finally, I had to let her cry it out :(
No, she is not wearing a "half shirt". She just has a full belly.

She had OT this morning, a trip to the park, lunch, and is now down for nap.

This afternoon, Ben has an eye appointment, then Cub Scouts.

In the morning, Sadie has an appointment in Tyler with a developmental pediatrician, who will give us some guidelines on her goals :)

Greg is safe and sound in Nebraska and we miss him so much, but love that he is able to visit with his family :)

On the menu: stuffed pork chops and rice

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