Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not Loving It

Can you see her enthusiasm?
Arm immobilizers work, though.  She is keeping her glasses on more and more each day.

She is also breaking dishes.  We will put her plate 2 feet away and she will find a way to grab it, including pulling the tablecloth off of the table.  When this girl is hungry, she's hungry :) Just like her momma.

No pictures, but Friday we went to the zoo and she stared at the animals so intently.  We only made it through ten because she was staring so seriously, I hated to take her to the next exhibit.

Yesterday, we went to Lleyton's 2nd birthday party.  He has severe hypotonia and epilepsy.  It was wonderful to celebrate his life :)

We are off to church soon.  I need some quiet time :)

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Melissa said...

Her curly hair KILLS me.