Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wild West Saturday

Today we went to the fair grounds to watch a reenactment of the 1894 bank robbery in Longview.  Ben was VERY interested, as there was lots of fake shooting and cowboys everywhere.  Thank goodness Sadie loves loud noises.  There were so many children who had to leave the arena screaming.  Sadie and Ben enjoyed the petting zoo (piggies, goats, llamas, etc.). Ben jumped in both jump houses and crafted a "sheriff badge".  When we left, the temperature was 94 degrees!  Can't believe it is already that warm!

In other news, Greg is taking a 4 day trip to Nebraska beginning tomorrow.  Would you please pray for his safety?  We will miss him so much. He is such a great father and husband.  Last night, he looked up the name of one of the princesses on Sadie's pajamas because I didn't know her name and he just had to find out :) 

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