Saturday, April 30, 2011


Sadie is scooting around in a circle using her bottom and legs.  I am so proud!  I can get her to turn in a complete circle by luring her with goldfish :)  She loves music so much! If I turn it off in the car, she wails like crazy.  She has quite a fan club at Ben's school. The family eats lunch together when we get a chance and at least 8 girls come up onto the stage and love on her.  They are so sweet!

I paid $800 in therapy bills this week :( I've tried so hard to get her more benefits, but to no avail.  I'm not giving up, though.

I received a traffic ticket in the mail for running a red light.  Those darn cameras! Tried to blame it on Greg, but looked at the calendar and saw he was working that day...

Ben is doing great in school.  He was Ronald Reagan for the Famous Americans Week and he did a wonderful job with his speech.  When he is proud or feeling lovey, he rubs my back. So sweet!  The other night, I caught him with his head lamp (a gift from dad) on and was about to get onto him, then realized he was reading the Bible :)

We are still waiting on the Nebraska offer.  I'm a bit annoyed, as I need to order his school supplies for next year and schedule swimming and camp for summer.  I'm not waiting much longer!  He has another interview in Georgetown on Monday.

Greg is working like crazy as usual!

Loved the royal wedding! Stared at our wedding pictures for a long time after :) 

Getting ready for Ben's 8th birthday!

Some recent pics I've not posted:

Palm Sunday

Dyeing Eggs

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