Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

And by cold, I mean you cannot stand still. You must keep moving very fast to your destination. I've even heard predictions of wind chills of -30. What!? I must have heard you wrong, Mr. Weatherman. Please tell me I heard you wrong. We made it to church and out to lunch, but it was brutal.

I smartened up and wore my North Face base layer under my jeans to go grocery shopping and I was very, very glad I did. Our meals this week will include chili, roast, and chicken soup - warm and comforting was the theme I had in mind.

In other news, Ben and I ventured to Norfolk yesterday for a swim meet and were able to swing by Target to spend some gift cards that were burning holes in our pockets.

Ben bought some "only at Target" Halo items. Poor boy is such a victim of marketing.
And I picked up some super cute clothes for Sadie as we (hopefully) transition into Spring.

School starts back in 3 days and I think they are more than ready. I took some pics of preschool pics the school had given me prior to break. I just love to get these! Sorry for the quality.

Outside in the playhouse

Snack time

Celebrating Dr. Seuss

That's all for today.
I'm off to put on my footed, onsie pajamas and have a bowl of chili!

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