Friday, January 24, 2014

Day Trip

Yesterday, we traveled to Lincoln to meet with a financial planner to begin a special needs trust for Sadie. There were lots and lots of details, but we are proud to say we finally have the ball rolling on both Ben and Sadie's future. Wills, and life insurance policies, and mutual funds, get the picture.

Afterwards, we went to a tapas restaurant called Sebastian's Table. I love to take pictures of my food!

 Chickpea Salad, Meat and Cheese Board

Stuffed Poquillo Peppers, Risotto Espanola

I'm lucky that Greg always lets me choose where to dine. I know he would be just as happy with a SuperSonic double cheeseburger, but NOT ME :)

Today was pretty uneventful, but Ben did bring home some lovely grades! He knows the way to my heart :)  And then he promptly pulled out the next publication and named off his picks. That's my Ben.

Tonight, I'm grilling some chicken and admiring these pretty blooms that have almost all opened. I picked a good bouquet this week :)

Happy Weekend!

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