Saturday, January 18, 2014

Unplanned Travels

Last Saturday, I was busy preparing for a trip to Texas for a Life Celebration for my stepfather, T.  T was terminally ill with head and neck cancer and was in the care of hospice. I had purchased plane tickets, booked my hotel, and was working on the kid's schedules.  A few hours later, (9:30 pm), I received a phone call from T's wife, Liz, saying that he had passed. Total shock. Expected, yet not expected so soon. He passed peacefully, without struggle or pain. More than we could have asked.

As usual, I went into survival mode, cancelling reservations, booking new travel plans, and waiting for final details.  A week later, I am still in disbelief that a man so full of life is now gone at the age of 55.  I have dreamed of him every night since. I go over memories in my head (good and bad) and hope he knows how much I cared for him. I asked to speak to him the day that he passed, but he was too sedated. He had been sleeping all day. He was dying that day. So sad.

I chose to drive to Texas, so I could spend extra time with my family. Lots of hotels and good food and company!

And I finally met my mom's husband, Mike! He is super sweet with my mom and has my full stamp of approval (I'm sure waiting for my approval has been keeping them up at night! Ha!).

Unfortunately, I was struck with a stomach bug the morning of my departure from the big state of Texas and I honestly do not know how I made it home. But I did. And I will try to forever block that memory. Enough said.

Despite the sadness, the trip was very relaxing for this mama! I was glad to see my family, though, and ready to get back to routine.  Here are some random pics.

 Ben practicing the recorder. So cute! (ask me in a few days if I feel the same...)

Bathroom humor, no doubt.

Hot wings from a neighboring town that were a little too painful. He needs to toughen up!

Sadie post-bath. Love :)

Have a great weekend!

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