Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Better Weather

I actually felt a hint of warmth today! It was still super cold, but the sun was out and outside life was bearable again.

Ben broke out his Christmas stocking Fun Dip. Can't believe it took this long! Look at that holiday bed head :) He has lost his two upper incisors over the last month and has a molar coming in. The orthodontist sees him quarterly to monitor his spacing. Didn't you need to know that?

Not the best picture, as Sadie refuses to act on command, but she opened 3 kitchen drawers today and stood up to peer inside! Our drawers are a little hard to open and she realized she needed to use two hands. Exciting!

Swim practice resumed tonight and Ben was happy to take his new swim bag.  I hesitated on the purchase until I knew he was really invested. The unveiling...

That's all for today. School starts back tomorrow and I get some "mommy time" back. WOOHOO!

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