Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Can Someone Come Clean My House?

So, I've been waking at 4:30 to get my exercise in, but by 10 am, I am tired.  It doesn't help when your husband wakes you (right as I fell into a deep sleep) with a gun in his hand saying he hears someone in our garage.  He told me to call 911 if he didn't come back in the house.  While I realize this is a serious situation, hearing that it was only a rat in the garage did not really drain the adrenaline that was pumping through my veins.  I'm pretty sure the rat went to heaven last night.

Sadie also had back-to-back therapies this morning, but that is always (or almost always) enjoyable.  I love that her therapists come to our house and work with her.  She is definitely most comfortable here.

We have recently made some new equipment purchases for Sadie :)

A standing frame so she will be forced to bear more weight on her legs throughout the day.

Arm immobilizers so she can't rip off her glasses in .2 seconds.  Sadie will not be a fan of these.

A new play/feeding chair.  This comes with a tray and has adjustable foot panels to allow for growth.  Most importantly, it comes with a safety belt.

Greg is on day 7 of work and is exhausted as well, which makes me feel completely guilty for even thinking about complaining.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and father to my children.

My walking/running buddy and I spoke of our blessings this morning.  I think it is so important to focus on the good in our life, despite the stresses we all encounter.

Well, I'm off to make beds, do laundry, and clean out a closet.  Oh, and shower.  That should probably be a priority :)


Melissa said...

That baby girl said yes! ( I know she says yeah, yeah already, but yes is harder to say!!) She is clearly excited and trying so hard!!!
Is she sitting in her desk? Big girl!

Tricha said...

Hey walking buddy, I am exhausted and have to take a power nap sometime during the day because of our early morning walks, but I know they are good for me.

I bet Sadie is going to really give you dirty looks with the arm immobilzers.

See you in the morning, and yes a shower is a priority :)


cindy said...

Oh Sarah, she is just precious!!!