Saturday, March 26, 2011


This morning we woke early.  This is not unusual :) I started with some yummy breakfast tacos for the children, and then we headed to Lowes so Ben could complete a Build and Grow project.  Luckily, Sadie loved listening to all the kids and their very loud hammering.  I bought a few pretty plants for the yard, then we ate at an outdoor cafe.  I am amazed daily at the amount of Calories Ben can consume and the fact that a "kid's meal" just isn't enough for him anymore.  He ate an entire BBQ sandwich on French bread and a huge bowl of potato soup for his meal. Yet, he still only weighs 50 pounds at age seven.  The weather today is beautiful and screams SPRING!  It really makes me want to clean, but wanting and doing are two very different things.

Just had to squeeze a cute pic of Sadie in here.
Can I just tell y'all how much she adores her daddy? When he gets home every night, she just starts screaming "dada, dada, dada" and "yeah, yeah, yeah". It is the sweetest thing.

Almost done with the project.

While he might not be an American Idol contestant (but who I am to judge?), when asked what he thought the song meant, he said "God will carry me".  Made my year.

Ben has been assigned to some additional chores lately.  His laundry detail needs some fine-tuning, but at least he's trying.  New additions include vacuuming, dishwasher loading and unloading (he's finally tall enough), assisting with dinner prep (the other night, I actually let him chop peppers and tomatoes - Greg was working, so I knew he could suture him if necessary).  Of course, there are rewards weekly, but I seriously make him work for it :) He has been requesting particular books for purchase, and while I don't always approve of his selections, I think buying a book is much better than a toy :)

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Loved Ben's performance!!
I love you all so much!