Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ben is becoming do I say it...."himself" lately.  He has some serious strong will, some serious comedy, and some serious skills.  We found out yesterday that he made it into the gifted/talented program at Hudson Pep.  He doesn't start until next year, but wanted to "bypass" the rules and start now.  Greg said, "you've created a monster". At least he can admit it's my genes that got him there :)

Ben and Greg will attend the Dad and Lad campout this weekend and Ben is beyond excited!  He LOVES spending time with his father, as does Sadie.

Speaking of Sadie, she is doing well.  Speech therapy is going very well.  She is trying to say ball and apple.  She loves to read, jump in her jumper, and watch Signing Time and Baby Einstein movies.  She will be riding in the annual Horse and Rider fundraising event at Windridge Equestrian Center on 4/2/11.  I would love if any of you could come and support the facility!

Today, Sadie had a follow-up genetics appt and another blood draw.  We are doing the larger (1.8 million probes) chromosome test and will soon have a referral for a metabolic geneticist in Houston just to make sure we have not missed any thing.  Other than that, Sadie is happy and healthy, and that is all we can ask for :

I'm excited to host a baby shower this weekend.  There is nothing more precious than a new life.  Please pray for a stress-free birth for Blair Louise Schroeder.  Don't you just love that name?! Can't wait to hold that sweet love!

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