Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Sadie is really enjoying her new gait trainer :)

Ben walking the dogs at Beaver's Bend

Getting ready for a hike.  Not super happy here.  She wants to get moving!

Getting ready for the ride.  This is me having my "I don't want to die today talk" with the horse trainer.  I always ask how many people have been injured/die on the trail.  So far, it's been zero, but I think it's important to ask annually.  Ben is also listening intently.  No one wants to die on some freak horse riding excursion.
We were not anticipating the chilly weather, so sweatshirts and toboggans had to be purchased.  The Nebraskan term for a toboggan is "stocking cap".  Greg always reminds me that a toboggan is a sled.
We can clutter any place.  We  (and by "we", I mean I) always overpack.  Oh, but Grandpa Dennis also overpacks, too. :)

Look at this sweetie!  Do you think she had any fear of a horseback ride.  I would say no.  She could teach her momma a few lessons.

My favorite picture!  I love his spirit/energy/heart so much!
Sibling love :)
Jumper = happiness

Could not feed her the smores fast enough!
The aftermath...
My fisherman :)

Hot tubbin' in the morning :)

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