Saturday, May 14, 2011


I've already posted about Ben's birthday celebration, but today is the actual day!  On May 14th, 2003, Ben came into this world at 12:29 am, weighing 6 lbs 2.5 oz., 18 inches long.  He was screaming until I kissed his sweet face.

It is so hard to believe he will be in 3rd grade soon!

I let him sleep with me last night and we snuggled this morning as we went through his baby book.  I cried a lot!  I spoke to the Lord to let him know how grateful I am for this precious child.

He spent some time with his sister this morning, and then they shared some chocolate glazed doughnuts :)  His plate was empty in no time!

Today he will spend some of his birthday money, eat at Fisherman's Market , and attend another birthday party at a local church.

I love this boy so much!


Melissa said...

Oh how I love this child as if he were my own! I love watching him grow and change. He is such a wonderful mix of both you and Greg. I have no idea what Ben is going to be when he grows up, but I do know this- He is going to blow us away!! Happy 8th Ben!!! Can't wait to squeeze you next weekend!

Grandma Lucy said...

Happy Birthday my sweet Bennie - love you, love you, love you!!