Thursday, May 26, 2011


Our house is officially on the market!  It has not been listed yet, but will be today. We have been so busy this week finishing up the small details.  I wish I could just go live in a hotel until it sells.  It is very difficult to make sure everything is put away. We have "family meetings" every night regarding this.

In other news, Ben graduated to his wolf status at Cub Scouts this past weekend :)

Ben, Miles, and Julian helped out at Martha's Kitchen

Sadie favorite things: yogurt pretzels and scooting in circles

Pray our house sells quickly!


Melissa said...

OMG- are my babies wearing hair nets?
bwhahahahahah. Love it!

It's going to sale- it looks beautiful!

our lady of perpetual stuff and nonsense said...

praying for you guys! let me know if you want me to send you a st. joseph statue to bury in the yard! i'm kind of excited to have a friend in nebraska! can i come sleep on your couch and go commune with the native americans, one day?

love you. keep breathing! you can do this.