Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just Had to Share

After a long day of phone calls and therapy (by the way we are moving to Nebraska!), we headed to Cub Scouts at 6 pm.  This is never easy on me when Greg is working. I have to walk up two flights of stairs, carrying my 30 pound child, a diaper bag, stroller, etc.  Last night, as we were leaving, I told Ben he needed to bring the stroller.  Do you know what he said?  "No Mom. I don't want to.  Besides, you are getting stronger every day."!!!  Needless to say, he was sent to bed immediately upon arriving home!


Grandma Deb said...

That sure doesn't sound like something Ben would do. I'm thrilled about the move!!!

cindy said...

I cannot say that I am as happy as Grandma Deb about the move... but I know you and Greg always do what is best for your family :) I need details soon!!!