Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Weekend

Saturday, we went to Haley's birthday party.  She is the sweetest girl and spent a alot of time playing with Sadie.  I was afraid to go during Sadie's naptime, but Sadie loved it!  She loves watching children run around, so it was perfect.  There was skating, scooting, snacks, cake, and a pinata :)

Sadie had her usual "fan club" from school, which was nice.  One girl told her mom "she is handicapped" and another asked me "is she still blind?".  Those girls are so sweet to care about her medical issues.  Apparently, Ben has been educating them :)

Today, I was scheduled for nursery duty at church and showed up in jeans, but they have hired an additional nursery worker, so I was able to attend the service.  The sermon was about The Good Shepherd and how we can all work in our community to help others.  Jesus was the ultimate Good Shepherd, but I know I can do more if I try.  We all can.

Ben asked where we are going on vacation this summer.  My response? Nebraska.  So funny.  We have been exploring different places we can travel to in Omaha, so he is excited.

Well, I'm off to try and finish cleaning my house and pack for Sadie's upcoming MRI :)

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