Thursday, May 5, 2011

Field Trip

Yesterday, Ben's class traveled to the zoo.  This was the first time I was not able to drive him on a field trip.  Very hard on me!  Even the teacher asked why I was pacing in the bus parking lot as they pulled in!
I was assigned these 3 sweet boys and they were so much fun!  We visited the animals, the sno cone booth, and the gift shop :)  I was so relieved when Ben said he wanted to ride home with me!  He said it was the best zoo trip he's ever had.  Do you like his hat choice?

We are going to Dallas to celebrate his life this weekend :)  I can't wait!

I know I say this all the time, but Ben is the sweetest boy! He brings a smile to my face on hard days, comes up with the craziest jokes, hugs me, rubs my back, begs to snuggle me every night, and is the only one who can make his sister belly laugh.  His dad takes up for him constantly when he is in trouble! They are very good friends :)

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