Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MRI #2

I have no idea why my pictures will not upload, but I want to post anyway.

Sadie had her scheduled MRI yesterday and did very well.  I always hate to watch her while she is being sedated and getting an IV, but I wanted to be in there.  They only let me stay until she is fully sedated, but I'll take what I can get.  She had a 3T MRI, which is more detailed than her previous one.  We stayed the night in Dallas and tried to make it as enjoyable as possible, swimming and playing.  We knew she would be a bit groggy after, but she always comes out perfectly fine.  That girl wanted to eat and play!  It was a large hospital and they had me take her to recovery in a wheelchair which was new to me.  I felt like I had just given birth again. We will have the results in a week or so.

She was scheduled for hippotherapy today and I was a bit worried about her balance after sedation, but she had a wonderful ride.

My mother, sister, and nephews will be arriving tomorrow and I am a little apprehensive about the de-cluttering of our home, but I know they will make it happen.

The realtor will be here on Wednesday of next week and will list our house.  I am hoping for a quick sell :)


David Wilcox Jr said...

our next door neighbor had buyers within one week!!! Great to hear Sadie is doing well!

Tricha said...

Yea and instead of a nice young couple like y'all, they are on the older side. Now that we are staying here, we were hoping for some cool young family style neighbors. They seem nice though. :)

I am glad Sadie's MRI was not too traumatizing.

Your house has so little clutter, I bet you will just spend time hanging out with the family :)

David and I cleaned out closets today in prep for humungo garage sale. $$

Take Care, let's get together soon.
Love ya

Julie said...

Hi! I was reading through your blog after your comment on mine (I'll read through more when I get more time)! So nice to "meet" you!I completely understand the fear with sedation...Bella does have problems with sedation, so I'm always an anxious mess! Did you ever have a MRS? According to our neuro, that is the next step for us with her MRI next year. GREEEAT! :) Also, I'm trying to find a place for hippotherapy for Bella. Have you noticed a big difference since you started? So many questions..sorry!!