Friday, May 13, 2011


Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I hardly can even remember my name these days!

Things that are going on:

We are moving to Nebraska!  I just keep saying that over and over to myself hoping it will sink in.  I know it is the right move, but we are all going a bit crazy.

I have had to reschedule all of Sadie's appointments and it seems like it's neverending.  Her detailed MRI has been rescheduled for Tuesday, so we will travel to Dallas Monday afternoon.  Sedation on my baby girl always scares me, but she has never had a previous problem.

Speaking of Monday afternoon, the realtor will be visiting to tell me everything I need to "fix" to sell our house.

My sister and mom are coming soon to help me de-clutter.  Please say a prayer for them.  It's not going to be an easy task.

Tomorrow is Ben's birthday :)  He has decided to spend it celebrating one of his friend's birthdays :)
I'm sure he'll make me take him to Dread Lobster, though - oops, I meant Red Lobster.  He finally will spend some of his birthday money!

I can't believe his last day of school is May 27th!  I have to prepare him for camp sometime between now and June 17th and I am leading the nursery Vacation Bible School prior to that. Oh my! And there's the planned house hunting trip to Nebraska the first week of June. Do you see why I'm stressed?

I know once we arrive and get settled, everything will come together as planned ;)

And I hope you will be supportive as I continue to ramble on this blog for the next few months!

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