Monday, July 12, 2010

Family Love

Oh, how I love when my husband is off, and we can take day trips together as a family!  Today, we travelled to Canton to visit the original Splash Kingdom waterpark.  We had so much fun! I even rode the "Royal Flush" - a very fast slide that dumps you into a bowl where you spin around until you fall through the middle into a pool.  I screamed like a little girl :)  Sadie did not sleep the entire day!  She knows when Greg is off and she cherishes every moment. Sweet girl fell asleep the minute her head hit the pillow.  Ben couldn't wait to take me to Dairy Palace for dinner.  I wasn't too excited, as it sounded like a Dairy Queen to me, but I was pleasantly surpised.  Ben's favorite is the hand-dipped ice cream at the end.  Sadie reached out and grabbed Greg's cone from him over and over.  So funny!  Of course, I have no pics of the family, but here are a few from the website.  It was truly a wonderful day!

The Royal Flush (my favorite)

My second favorite

Greg and Ben's favorite

Sadie's favorite - Greg slid down with her time and time again on the baby slides.

We are all worn out, but in a good way!

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