Saturday, July 17, 2010


Thanks for letting me have my pity party yesterday. Your comments meant so much!  Today is a new day.  There was LOTS to be done around the house.  We were soooo incredibly lazy yesterday.  I would like to say that we did "nothing", but hanging out on the couch all day with your family watching movies is sometimes needed. Greg and I watched a double feature last night, and it was so nice:  Couples Retreat and Valentine's Day.  We are so far behind on movies, but they were both so good!  I even sent the babes to bed unbathed last night!  That is a rare occasion in this house.

Today, Greg tackled a few things off his never-ending "honey-do" list, including re-doing the front flower bed and front fountain.  He's not quite finished with the fountain, but it is HOT outside, so I gave him a break ;)  I went to the grocery store on a Saturday (torture), did a little shopping (not torture), and cleaned a bit.  I didn't quite have it as hard as he did.

Mr. Funny refuses to take a normal picture (just like mini-Greg)

Greg and Ben are at a monster truck show this evening.  Never thought I would type that.
Can't wait to hear his exciting stories.

I grilled some stuffed jalepenos: turkey bacon, farmer's market peppers, and low-fat cream cheese.  So very good and plenty left for breakfast!


Tomorrow, we are headed out for another day trip!

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