Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We headed to Tyler for therapy.

Sadie played with her new 6 ft caterpillar best friend (courtesy of the Simms family: Michael, Lisa, and Julian)

Sadie went a few rounds with eye patch...and won

And Ben came to me with a bloody towel in one hand and a tooth in the other.
Ben hid his tooth in a custom-made lego box with a note to the tooth fairy.
The tooth fairy must be a man because he tricked Ben into thinking he had not come.
The money was hidden under the note and the tooth has been replaced with a tiny lego that sounded like the tooth when the box was rattled.
Tears flowed until Ben realized he had been "tricked".  Men are sly like that.

Just a typical day :)


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Melissa said...

Love the video of Sadie! She is so busy! And Ben looks more like Greg every single day- so cute!