Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rainy Day

Thank goodness for day camps on days like this!  It has been raining since yesterday, and Ben was becoming a little antsy.  Today, I dropped him off at the "Crickets, Croakers, and Creativity" camp 'til noon.  I stole these pics from the teacher's Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Greg was taking care of Sadie...

She wants her bow back.  By the way, Greg believes a clean diaper is really all a girl needs!  She's never dressed when he watches her.  Greg has worked every day! I actually held onto his legs and begged him not to go today! 

Ben is working on his photography skills.  Sorry for the blur.  Sadie is wearing her new "wonder woman" suit.  These are Spio pressure garments, which "stabilize the body, resulting in greater tone and postural control" and "provide sensory, muscular, and neurological feedback".  You can read more about Spio at

On a somber note...

Please pray for Ashley Kate Adams.  I have had the pleasure of meeting this 5 year old beauty only once, but I can tell you she is an AMAZING little girl that has overcome obstacles you cannot even fathom.  She is in flight to Nebraska tonight to recieve treatment for a probable rejection of her bowel transplant.  You can visit her blog at


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