Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Pool Day

Today, we went to the pool again.  This time, Ben was able to come along.  He passed the swim test to be able to go into the adult section and jump off the diving board and was tall enough (just barely) to use the slide.  This has been such an issue for us in past years.  Every year, he has walked up to that measuring stick and turned around with his head hanging low.  When I saw the expression on his face, tears started to fall.  I knew he had finally reached the height level. I was so afraid that after three years he would be denied again.  However, we had a serious talk regarding the rules of the pool before we arrived.  He knew that if he wasn't tall enough, that was it - no questions.  He is so much more mature this year than last, so I knew he could handle it. Luckily, we didn't get to that point.
He always needs at least two snacks while we swim :)  Today, it was chips and a cherry limeade ice pop.  We stayed for two hours today, but will try to stay longer next time.

Sadie had two therapy appointments this morning, so she and I are a little worn out, but too bad. Tonight we have an end of season Cub Scout event at the park. Greg is working tonight, so he can't be there.  One thing I can guarantee?  We will all be in bed early tonight (and I am not cooking)!

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your sista said...

The second pic of Sadie- the face she is making- It's YOU! That half smile/half smirk- it looks just like you!!! Crazy.