Sunday, June 19, 2011

Camp Pick-Up and Father's Day

I ran when I saw Ben at Pine Cove. I cried. We hugged. And hugged. And hugged. He slept with me last night (I put Greg on the couch). I endured his feet on my stomach as he slept horizontally. I missed him so much that I didn't care.

Someone else was just as happy to see him!
During the closing ceremonies, Ben's "key word" was resourceful.  His counselor told me this was because he only wore two of his ten outfits :)  This is Ben and Campbell. I am so grateful that he took care of him for a week.

Today is Father's Day. I am so very proud of the amazing husband I chose to be a father to our children.  They wait for him to come home every night and squeal with delight when he arrives.  He takes them to the park, the movies, on walks, and loves on them constantly.

We started off the day at church, had lunch, and then bought Daddy a new game system :)

A great weekend!

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