Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Has Begun

We have had a busy week thus far.  I scheduled 4 play dates for Ben! I am so lucky that he has friends with wonderful parents! We switch off from day to day, and he is able to go swimming and play at their houses, while I try to keep the house in order for the sell.  I took Ben and a friend to Chuck E. Cheese on one of our scheduled days.  They had a wonderful time!  Sadie did, too :)  I didn't have her stroller with me (panic), but realized she just loved riding the rides and sitting on the floor (doing her circle scoots) and watching the boys play.  The boys decided to divide their tickets evenly at the prize desk.  I thought that was so sweet!

This is Sadie's "if you don't put another token in this machine, I will throw a fit" face.

Greg was off yesterday and took Ben golfing. Ben needed some father/son time.

Today is a BIG day.  The realtor team will come to the house for a walk-through. I hope they all like it and try to sell it to their buyers!  Sadie is riding today, so that will get us out of the house for a while when they are here.  A BIG THANKS to Grandma Deb for taking the dogs. She drove 6 hours to meet Greg so we wouldn't have to kennel them or pack them up in the car every time we have a showing.  She has such a giving heart.

I can't believe today is June 1st! Time flies when you are moving to another state :) 
It is becoming VERY warm in Texas -100 degrees forecasted today. Nebraska is looking more and more inviting :)


Grandma Deb said...

The dogs are giving me a lot of love and Abby & Anna love walking them

Grandma Lucy said...

God Bless You, Grandma Deb! I know they are in good hands.