Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today I...

watched Sadie try and sound out words with her developmental specialist.

made sure she would have a spot in school if we can't sell our house.

thought about how much I would miss Greg if he goes to Nebraska without us.

went to the grocery store and planned five yummy dinners...those people on that extreme coupon show aren't looking so ridiculous anymore.

bought Sadie some vanilla soy milk in hopes she will drink it...she is refusing regular milk and she needs calcium!  I also bought her more cottage cheese/fruit combos.  She will always eat those.  The only thing she will drink lately is water and flavored water.

missed my son and my dogs. The camp didn't post any pictures of yesterday as I had hoped.

watched Sadie wear her glasses for over two hours without her immobilizers, and watched her stand in her standing frame for over an hour and a half.

made King Ranch chicken and sliced some strawberries for dinner.

did two loads of laundry.

walked 3 miles with Sadie this evening.


cindy said...

She is such a big girl :)And I can only imagine how much you are missing Ben!!!
I am loving Almond milk (and vanilla Almond milk) right now, has Sadie ever tried it?

Shelley said...

You are one busy lady!! I will be praying your house sells. :)