Thursday, June 23, 2011


I know Greg forgot our anniversary (he says he did not). There was a serious look of fear on his face when I handed him an anniversary card that morning.  He more than made up for it with roses, 3 cards, a manicure, and dinner reservations.

We celebrated our anniversary with a trip to Keipersol Winery.  It was an hour trip, but well worth it!  Apparently, it is the go-to place for anniversaries. Every couple there (there were only 5) were celebrating.
I love the fire extinguisher in the background!

Want to know what we ordered? I thought so.

Greg: Duck Cigars (fried cigar-like pieces stuffed with duck with a side of plum sauce and corn/jalepeno relish)
Lamb with mint sauce and Lyonnaise potatoes
A glass of Merlot (he couldn't even drink the whole glass...what a lightweight!)

Sarah: House salad (greens, goat cheese, pecans, balsamic vinaigrette).  I could eat goat cheese every day.  Greg says we can buy a goat when we arrive in Nebraska :)
Seabass with vegetables and creamed spinach
A glass of Vit and Pinot Grigio and the rest of Greg's glass (not a lightweight)

We had a great time!


Melissa said...

Sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so glad you were able to go to a place like this to celebrate!!!!

cindy said...

Sounds Great!
And I cannot wait to see the picture of you and your new goat :)