Sunday, June 12, 2011

Busy Sunday

This morning, I woke around 5:30 and starting prepping our house for show and finishing up the little details for Ben's camp trunk.  We left around 11:30 for Pine Cove Camp and arrived in Tyler shortly after 12:30.  There is a new Chuy's in Tyler, so we chose to eat there for his farewell meal. He LOVES Chuy's!  I told myself "YOU WILL NOT CRY", but guess what? I cried.  He didn't see me, of course.  It was just those hundreds of kids lined up at the entrance that threw me off.  Greg made his bed (he chose the top bunk). I watched his swim test. He had no problem.  And that was it. We were not allowed to go into the swimming area to see him, but could talk to him through the iron gate.  He pretty much never looked back. We had to scream his name multiple times to get him to tell us goodbye :(  I miss him so much already.  I loved on him in the backseat on the ride up there, but the house is so quiet. I miss his jokes and his laugh and the cartoons playing in the background. I should have pictures in this post, but I was in shock that I was actually leaving my child at a camp for 7 days.  When will I ever be able to "cut the cord"?

After that, we went to a new grocery store in Tyler called "Fresh".  We purchased sushi, goat cheese, and fruit. That made me happy!  I hope I can find some good sushi in Nebraska :)

After arriving home, I spoke with the realtor and she reported that the open house went well.  There was good traffic, including the actual builder of the home. He wanted to see the current condition and his wife is a realtor.  I hope we receive a call soon!

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our lady of perpetual stuff and nonsense said...

you are a brave girl to let that kiddo go to summer camp! i'm so proud of you! you have no idea the gift you have given him. love you guys, and hope all is well.