Monday, June 6, 2011

VBS and Stuff

This morning I was scheduled in the nursery for Vacation Bible School.  I can definitely tell I'm getting old!  Thank goodness Ben had a playdate this afternoon so I was able to take a power nap. Everything went well, but I had to be up at 5 am to get myself and the children ready and fed.  We read the book of Genesis from the picture Bible, talked about God's creation, colored, and made animals from Playdough (ok, well I really made the animals, but you have to improvise sometimes :) Sadie ate the dough, then proceeded to spit it out all over the floor.  It is salty and she was hungry, so I understood why she tried it out :)

In other news, Greg received his Nebraska PA license today and Ben requested Dorothy Lynch dressing on his fish taco tonight in lieu of the sauce I had made. If you don't know, the first Dorothy Lynch factory was in Columbus, NE.  I guess we are really going to Columbus! Still seems so surreal to me, but I'm excited :)

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