Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Greg turned 37 yesterday!  That doesn't seem possible, considering he looks like he's 25.  He is graying a bit and losing some hair, though :) I was just hoping he didn't purchase a camaro and search for a "trophy wife".

I wanted to let him sleep in, but we had a brace appointment for Sadie and the doctor requested he be there.  The appointment was short, but he and Greg like to chat a lot, so we ended up staying almost an hour.

I bought Greg a chocolate cake and some balloons, but Sadie was the one who enjoyed the balloons the most.

His gift was a gift card to Racquet and Jog for some new shoes.  He needs new ones every six months, as he is on his feet for 12 hours at a time.  My mom gave him an Amazon gift card and my sister gave him a Nascar gift certificate.

And we went out on a date! We watched "The Hangover II" and ate at Fritz's (an italian restaurant where children aren't allowed).  It was so quiet!  Greg ordered a ribeye and I had Mediterranean salmon. So good!

A big THANK YOU to Sarah for taking care of my baby while we were out!

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