Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 2: Checking Out and Checking In!

We checked out of the hotel and started day 2 on the road to Disney.  They look so happy.  Poor sugars had no idea they were about to spend another day in the car.

While trying to find our planned lunch spot (which was closed), we happened upon an AMAZING mexican restaurant. Oh, it was soooo yummy.  The server noticed my love of all things HOT and brought me two additional sauces to sample: one verde and one chipotle.  The food was wonderful! 

We checked into the resort in the early evening and all was good!

We headed to dinner at the Kona Cafe.  Want to know what we ate?

Greg: cucumber sushi roll, Pan-Asian noodles, chocolate souffle'
Sarah: salad and coconut curry soup
Ben: mickey ravioli and a mickey sundae
Sadie: shared with everyone

After dinner, we put on our suits and headed down to the AMAZING pool.  We swam 'til 10 pm and then watched the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the beach! What a great night!


Melissa said...

SQUEEE.. So excited you are doing a post per day to recap!!!

Heather and GrandmaM said...

Hi Jacobs family!! Mom loves reading this daily, she wanted me to show her how to add comments. She see's ALOT she wants to tell you how sweet or cute... or "proud" she is..Love ya'll...Heather (and GrandmaMargie)