Monday, June 7, 2010

End Of School Party!

Friday morning, we headed to Rockdale to visit with Grandma Lucy.  She is always such a good host! And by that, I mean she has homemade pico, guacamole, and wine waiting for me! Ha! No really, she saved my life this weekend.  I pulled a muscle in my lower back on Friday morning, so she played "Mom" to Sadie for the weekend, including getting up with her in the middle of the night!  I'm sure she is exhausted. We watched tv, gossiped, ate out and shopped for Sadie.  Nothing unusual.
Saturday morn, we headed to Round Rock for Miles and Julians' end of school party.  It was perfect! Once again, I didn't see Ben for at least 8 hours. 


This tree house freaks me out, but Ben ADORES it, so I just look the other way.


 The food spread was awesome.  We adore food in this family.  On the menu: hot dogs, tons of fresh fruit, crackers, assorted cheeses, fresh veggies, chips, brownies, and homemade fruit slushes.
Julian and Miles-the hosts of the shindig (Miles' pained smile cracks me up!)

Everyone was pretty worn out, but the girls mustered up the energy to do a little shopping and eat out. Women are strong like that.

Sadie enjoyed the pool in the evening.

Greg was busy building a new playhouse at Windridge Equestrian Center.

Before and after.

And then he came home and played Edward Scissorhands to the front and back yard.  Talk about some serious trimming!

Sunday morn we hit the road back home.  We have a busy week ahead of us and needed a few hours of down time before Monday morning hit.  Vacation Bible School photos to come!

P.S.  Sadie met the Chick Fil A cow last week and was quite intrigued!


Melissa said...

Miles smile is too funny!! So glad you took some pictures... I am STEALING THEM..BWAH HAHAHAH

How did the testing go?!!!

MawMaw/Grandma Lucy said...

Love, love, love these pictures. It was wonderful visit!!!