Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Splash Day!

Yesterday, we headed to Splash Kingdom in Shreveport for some much needed water therapy.  First, we dropped in to Cracker Barrel for some fuel.  We always take a L O N G look in the country store.  Sadie may have scored a new toy or two--therapeutic, of course ;)  (Daddy has moments of weakness).  Greg and I played it smart and dined on salad.  Who can eat a heavy meal in this 100 degree weather?

I have no pics from the water park, but just imagine trying to keep up with a 7 year old with NO FEAR.  Seriously people, I could use some anti-anxiety meds.  He even caused a crew of lifeguards to "rescue" him.  Apparently, Mr. Ben decided to adjust his shorts under water, causing everyone to think he was drowning in the 12 foot pool. I was right there waiting on the sidelines and knew exactly what he was doing.  "Um, yeah sweetie, when you don't come up in a timely manner, people will try and save you. It's a good thing." He was actually laughing the whole time the lifeguard was swimming him to the edge of the pool.  And these people are serious.  I don't blame them, and I thanked them continuously as I signed the incident report.  And before I could finish, he was in line for the next slide.  SHEESH.  We had a long talk about swimming to the edge QUICKLY, and there were no further incidences.
This is the site of the "incident".


There was one particular slide that drops you off about 12 feet in the air, and he must have rode it no less than 30 times.  At one point, I said "no more", and told him to come to the shallow side and rest.  Greg vetoed me within 5 minutes. Nice.


Heres the one.  The first time I "rode" it, I completely busted! Ouch. It still hurts. My legs just flew out in front of me.  I'm not conditioned for these activities :(

Ben and I rode the blue and white ones, but only Greg rode the yellow.  I mean, people were flying up in the air on their mats. Not to mention you were required to ride on your belly, face first. No thank you.

Ms. Sadie did great the whole day, finally passing out on me around 3 pm for a cat nap in the shade.  And if you thought her skin could not get any darker, you're wrong! 

Today, Greg is back to work and Sadie is back to therapy, but it was oh so nice to have a relaxing day together.

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Melissa said...

FUN! We want to come and do that with you guys some time! Looks like a blast! Did Ben like it better than Great Wolf?