Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Good and The Bad

The Good:  It has been pouring for 3 days now! Everyone's lawns are lush and green, and I am digging the lower temps.
The Bad: Afternoon swim has been cancelled for 3 days now.  Ben is less than happy about the weather and tells me every hour.


The Good:  Sadie is feeding herself more and more, but still unable to pick up small items like cheerios and goldfish.
The Bad: What a mess! She takes a bite, then throws the food off her tray.  I'm really not complaining, though.  I've prayed for this.


The Good:  Ben tested for a gifted/talented school.  I don't know if that's really the correct term.  It's a "challenging" school.  I have no idea how he did, but he was so confident in himself before and after each exam, it doesn't even matter.  He has the best attitude about these things.
The Bad:  I'll have to wait until after vacation to see his test scores, and even if he does get in,  we'll still need to make a decision as a family.  There is a lot of security where he is now.  Lots 'o money, but lots of security as well.  I'll pay for security :)  To make it worse, he is determined to ride the bus if he goes to the new school.  My heart can only take so much.  But if he wants, I will let him.  Who am I to squelch his independence?


The Good:  Vacation Bible School is going really well.  The babes are adorable and the company is nice!
The Bad:  Sadie screamed her head off the entire time today.  Greg brought her over to the church after therapy this morning.  Her face was tear-stained, and she was ANGRY.  Don't know what's up with her today, but she has been medicated and is napping very soundly now.  Yesterday, I lost my keys (finally found them shoved between some craft boxes in the nursery) and had to hitch a ride home with a friend.  Greg was running on the treadmill and didn't hear me knock or ring the bell, so I was soaked by the time he let me in.  Today was no different.  Ben, Sadie, and I were drenched by the time we made it into the house.  For some reason, the sky starts to fall when I get outside.


The Good:  I have really "stuck to my guns" about Ben finishing both a reading and math worksheet before any video games are played.
The Bad:  There have been a few tears shed in the process, but not in the last two days.  He knows the rules and no longer whines about it.


The Good: Vacay starts on Monday!!!!
The Bad:  I have only "sort of" packed and have tons to do, including buying Greg a birthday and Father's Day gift before we get on the road!  Greg works Fri/Sat/Sun so the babes will have to accompany me on any errand running :( 

Wish me luck!

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