Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lazy Day

Today, we did a few small things, but nothing big.  I think we are all tired from yesterday's adventures.  Sadie's therapy was cancelled AGAIN this morning.  I haven't had the best of luck with OTs.  Aunt Melissa (Weddle), can't you just move to Texas and treat Sadie? Pretty please? :)  Of course, I do therapy with her twice a day, but I'm looking for new ideas!
We headed out to run some errands.  First stop: Mardel's for some new math and reading workbooks, along with money and time flashcards.  Ben was less than enthused.  He watched a movie.  Sadie played with stuffed animals.

Much to Greg's dismay, we headed to the pet store for a larger habitat for Rex and Cody.  We may have to take Ben out of private school, but those newts will be living like kings!   Ben begged for a kitten, a bunny, and a snake.  And then we left with our new cage and brine shrimp.  Unfortunately, when we arrived home to feed the gherkins, the freeze dried food had melted. Gross. They are now in the freezer firming up.

I really planned on working out after Sadie's nap, but I started reading a Judy Blume book to Ben (Superfudge) and could not get motivated.

Ben completed a reading and math worksheet, and then we settled down for dinner.

On the menu:
Creamed Spinach
Texas Toast

Greg is working today for one of his buddies. Who does that??? Someone who's taking their family for a Disney/beach vacation. That's who!


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Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Sadie shopping!
And I love Superfudge, that was one of my favorites, I still have my original copy :)