Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today we went to church and celebrated a successful VBS.  The kids and teachers all sang together during the offering, and it was so cute!  The children really got into it!  Ben sat with his new "best bud", Logan.  His last "best bud" moved to Scotland a few weeks ago, and he wasted no time in selecting his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place "best buds".  I tried to encourage him to not rate his friends, but he just shrugged his shoulders.  After church, Ben was invited to lunch and a play date with Logan.  He was more than excited.  Is it weird that I miss him?  I just love being around him, playing games with him, crafting with him, and waiting for the next hilarious thing that comes out of his mouth.  I'm sure all moms feels this way about their babes.
Sadie is feeling a little better and only cried a few times during the service.  Take a look at these curls! Oh, I could just eat her up!  That's Christy and Micah (in her belly) in the background.  We are busy planning her baby shower!  I just love babies!

After church, we took a very tired daddy some lunch.  He has been VERY busy this weekend at the clinic, but a visit from his favorite girls (ok, so he is more excited to see Sadie, but I'm fine with that :) ) always brightens his day. 

Tomorrow, we start our vacation. YAY!

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