Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Day In The Life: Food

I'm always VERY interested in what people eat.  It's not really from a dietitian standpoint, either.  I just love food, trying out new restaurants/recipes/ products, and hearing what other families eat (good or bad).  By the way, you could ask me what I ate last Friday and I would be able to tell you.  I'm a strange girl.
So, I thought I would do a post about a typical day at our house.
Greg: cereal and coffee; he eats only around 1/2 cup of a high fiber ceral mixed with nuts, dates, and cranberries with skim milk.  Definitely not a big breakfast eater, but coffee is another story! He drinks at least 2-3 cups here, and who knows what happens at the clinic.
Ben:  I made him a breakfast sandwich with an egg and sharp cheddar on a high fiber multi-grain round.  I was buying those frozen light breakfast sandwiches, but realized mine tasted better, were cheaper, and took only a few minutes to make
Sadie: One soft cooked egg over 1 slice of double fiber toast.  The yolk makes the bread nice and soft, and she tolerates it just fine.  Did you know that low tone affects every part of her body, including her intestinal muscles?  I have to give her loads of fiber to keep her regular.  This can be difficult, considering she has a hard time chewing.
Sarah: I eat the leftovers from Ben and Sadie's breakfast.  In the case, 1/2 of Ben's breakfast sandwich, and a few bites of Sadie's eggs.
Greg took Ben to the park while I was at Windridge with Sadie.  I thought it would be nice for them to come home to a cooked lunch, so I picked up extra lean burgers (96 % lean) from the meat market, slapped them on the grill, and baked some home fries.  If I'm not cooking and the boys are out alone, they ALWAYS come home with fast food, so I texted hime to let him know.  I served it with fresh pineapple.
Sadie: She can't tolerate a hamburger or fries, so she had a Kashi frozen meal: 7 grain pesto penne with veggies.  I just love these meals. They are organic, vegetarian, loaded with fiber, taste great, and most importantly, are easily tolerated by my girl.
Sarah:  I ate the last 1/4 of Ben's burger, a few fries, and a few bites of Sadie's pasta.
Ben had two fruit pops at church and Sadie has some goldfish (shared by Ms. Em) and milk.
Sadie shared her milk with sweet Noah.
She kept waiting for him to finish, but he never really did! HA!

By the time we arrived home, I was famished, so I made a wrap with Lite Flatout bread, turkey, and fresh sweet peppers. Man, it was good.

I went to run some errands while Sadie napped, and Greg and Ben had leftover pork loin, beans, and Ramen noodles.  See what happens when I leave the house?  There were plenty of veggies in the fridge, but they ate Ramen. At least it was the low-fat version (these were on clearance. As if Ramen isn't cheap enough!  Apparently, no one wants low-fat Ramen).

Sadie woke up hoarse, grumpy, and not hungry, so I fed her some whole grain cookies and fruit and called it a night.  She drinks around 4-5 8-10 ounce cups of organic, whole milk per day.  Most of her Calories/protein come from her cup.

Later, I had another wrap with a high fiber tortilla, turkey, dill pickles, and some ranch. YUM.

I heard Greg rummaging through the kitchen cabinets for something sweet.

This morning, the kids had Fiber One cinnamon squares and milk.  I had 3 eggs with Tobasco! I was hungry!

Ok, your turn!

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Sadie looks so much like Shiloh Jolie Pitt to me!