Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Friends

This afternoon, 2 sweetie pies wandered up the driveway and onto the patio.  Ben ran in the house to tell me "There are two HUGE dogs out there!".  I ran out to really find two HUGE dogs out there.  They were so sweet! And thirsty and hungry!  I ran to the store to buy them some gourmet food, and we gave them tons of water.  No tags, of course.  I have to say, Ben and Sadie REALLY liked them, and I started to wonder what we were going to do.  Do I call animal control? Do we keep them?  Do we post signs?  I was just about to call all of my dog people (Melissa, Tricha) and get some advice when their owners spotted them and pulled right on in (we left the garage open).  They had been driving around looking for them and were very grateful.  I was a little sad (Ben, too), but glad they made it back to their family.
Poor Ben had already named them Choco and Sunshine.  Their real names are Hershey and Sam.  Pretty Close!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

awwww.. I love these dogs faces.

Ben needs a maltese poodle Momma!!!