Friday, June 25, 2010

Yesterday, we headed out to the theatre to watch Toy Story 3.  So good!  Sadie was not impressed, so Greg "took one for the team" and held her in the aisle most of the time.  Ben had nachos and I may have eaten an entire 4 oz. cup of jalepenos with the few that he shared and may be regretting it now.
Sadie seems to think we will react to her wails like we did on vacation (can you blame her?), but sister is wrong.  Boy, did she scream in her crib last night, despite a full belly, 3 books, and lots 'o love before bedtime. I refuse to give her a cup to get her to sleep. Greg was the strong one and stood guard in her hall (he was guarding me from her; he caught me 3 times) while she cried it out.  It took about 30 minutes, but she finally gave in.
Greg bought some new running shoes yesterday afternoon and went for an early morning run this am.  I think he will be doing marathons any day now.  So proud of him for caring about his health.  Speaking of health, vacation was not good for me and I may be setting fire to my scale at some point today ;)  I just can't resist good food and wine on vacation, but it's back to reality and back to the gym to shave those pounds off.
Tomorrow, we are off to the farmers' market for some fresh finds!  My fridge is sooo empty.

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