Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

 A BIG THANK YOU to every person who has served, is serving, or will serve for our country!

We spent the morning on the patio.  Ben and I played "Can You Make Me Laugh" (he is such a coconut that I laugh almost every time!) and "The Drawing Game" (we draw on each others' backs and try to guess the picture,) and sang "Little Bunny Foo Foo" to Sadie.

Today, we are headed to a water park for some family time. Can't wait to ride those big slides and bask in the sun!

Yesterday afternoon, I enjoyed a visit from a new friend, Rachel.  I worked with Rachel in the LTAC unit at Good Shepherd.  Her son, Lleyton, has had a VERY ROUGH year.  Originally his diagnosis was hypotonia (like Sadie), but has expanded to include epilepsy, cerebellar atrophy, poor myelination, and more.  He is such a sweet angel.  We tried some new activities with him and fed him some new foods.  Sadie just kept trying to grab him! She was not the baby anymore! HA! His seizures and reflux are now controlled, and I feel sure things will only get better from here!  Please pray for John, Rachel, and Lleyton Johnson.  It is a struggle for their hearts, their marriage, and their finances.

In other news, Ben has been getting in Sadie's face (as usual), but she has been letting him know that she DOES NOT like this anymore.  Yesterday, she scratched him (the inside of his nose), and boy did she hit a bleeder!!  His nose was gushing with blood! I think he'll stay back from now on.

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