Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yesterday, Greg continued a BIG project.  He is building a new playhouse for Windridge Equestrian Center.  It is a lot of work, but he enjoys it. My garage has been completely taken over.  He is using many of his Grandpa Bremer's tools, and it just makes him happy.  I don't think there is a week that goes by that he doesn't mention a memory about his grandparents.  They were so influential in his life.  I wish I could have met them.  Sadie sleeps with Grandma Bremer's blanket every night.  Last night, it was the only thing that finally soothed her.

While Greg worked, Sadie and I headed to Tyler for therapy.  Again, speech went well, but OT did not.  Sadie is just really throwing some tantrums right now.  I'm hoping she will find some happiness soon. Mommy is tired.  Bubbles make her happy!

Mr. Ben finished his Flat Stanley project yesterday afternoon.  Stanley went to the rainforest of Brazil.  Ben researched some facts about the rainforest, wrote a short report about Stanley's travels, and dresssed him appropriately.  Ben attempted to type his report (this was not part of the directions, but I thought it would make for a nice presentation).  After it took him 5 minutes to type a capital F, the mission was aborted.  I'm not on medication and had no wine in the fridge, so he just wrote his report by hand.  Stanley has bloody scars on his face and a machete in his hand.  Who am I to interfere with his creativity?  Not to mention, any time I try to give him "suggestions" about a project, he looks me straight in the eye and says, "the teacher said we can do anything we want".  By the way, he is wearing Bakugan pajamas as part of Crazy Week at school.  I don't normally dress him this way.

Today, we traveled to Windridge to ride, and Sadie continued to scream.  I left the room to run out to my car, and she just lost it.  And she's not a clingy child.  Once the horse was moving, she was ok, but I knew it was time to take her to the doctor.  She's been screaming for 3 days, and last night she was up until 2 pm. She finally went down after a short movie, some more milk, and her favorite blanket.   They found a mild right ear infection and decided to go ahead and treat it.  I think the doc could see the desperation in my eyes.  So, we have one dose of Omnicef down the hatch.  I'm really hoping for a better night.

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