Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birthday Celebrations Continue...

I have to say, I am glad to have Ben's "birthday week" behind me.  I think we celebrated every day and I'm exhausted!  We have 3 more birthday parties scheduled this week, though, so the festivities are from from over.  This afternoon, we attended a fun birthday celebration at a friend's party barn, complete with bounce house, water gun wars, nerf gun wars, and snack galore.  The kids had a blast and were soaked by the end of the afternoon!  The parents united and had everyone leave together so no fits were thrown.  We have this party thing figured out by now.
I love how Ben always tries to look so tough! It cracks me up!
This is Daniel, Brinkley, Nathan, Ben, Kohen, Jordan, and Sixto.

On the way home, I missed the access road onto the interstate and ended up at a dead end.  I tried to turn my car around and went over some huge piece of rock.  And I was stuck.  I mean really stuck.  Ben went into total drama mode: "are we going to die?"  "I'm starving"  (he had just consumed 4000 Calories at the party 5 minutes before), "I'm thirsty", "is anyone going to save us?" "we're going to die, aren't we?"  Not exactly what I needed at the time.  All is well now. Greg called a husband of a coworker who promptly arrived and saved the day. He just turned the wheels and pulled it right off that huge piece of rock.  I think he thought I was nuts when I gave him a BIG bear hug.  And I don't hug people.

So very, very happy to be home!  Can't wait for my "driving lecture" when Greg gets home :(



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