Monday, May 10, 2010

Ben's Birthday Bash

We had a great time celebrating Ben's lucky #7 at Great Wolf Lodge.  He was very happy to see his family and friends and played non-stop!

The boys finally started to wind down around 9 pm!

They're coming down from the sugar high...
We had cake from The Butcher Shop and a variety of pizza from the on-site Pizza Hut.

The girls chatting/laughing on the bed. Melissa says she will "outblog" me! It's on, sister!


It was possibly the easiest party I've ever put together!
Ben CANNOT WAIT to play with his gifts. No time last night. We didn't arrive back in Longview until 7 pm!
He received: The Wandarama (as seen on tv! he has been obsessed with this thing for weeks now), a lego board game, a supersoaker water gun, a new DS game, 3 new Star Wars models, and more!

Sadie really enjoyed the waterpark this time (especially when her daddy was playing with her), so I was able to ride some slides with Ben,
Mom, Greg, and Dylan.  I wish I had more pictures, but water and phones/cameras just don't mix.


Sunday morning we had a wonderful Mother's Day Brunch at the lodge.
I had salad, sushi, and boiled shrimp. It was delish!

We played again until 3 pm  on Sunday!

Unfortunately, we needed to finish up Ben's solar system project last night (not really what you want to do when you arrive home after an exhausting trip).

Here is the finished product. He was very proud to take it to school this morning!

Ben is such a nut and refuses to take a normal picture; he's either acting crazy or refuses to smile!  This one is crazy Ben.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Mom, Aaron, Melissa, Mary Jane, Dave, Blake, Julian, Miles, and Dylan for coming a LONG WAY to be with our family and make it a memorable birthday #7 for Ben!

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Mary Jane Ham said...

we would not have missed the celebration! yall are awesome!