Sunday, May 23, 2010

We Never Have A Lazy Weekend

Saturday morning, we started off with a 3 hour birthday party.  The location was great and full of activities for the boys.  Bounce house, arcade games, computers, and a separate "food room" with pizza, fruit, veggies, and cake.

I think we go to more birthday parties than anyone I know. Seriously.

Sadie is on day 5 of antibiotics and feeling much better!  I know Greg is half naked in these pictures, but he had been jogging both mornings.

We have gone swimming the past two days. Thank you friends for inviting us!!  I didn't get any pics of our friends' pool that we went to today, but we spent 3 hours there, and it was bliss.   I definitely have two water bugs, which is good, because it is HOT and I may not survive this summer without a pool at least 5 days a week.

This morning, Ben and I headed to Martha's Kitchen to volunteer. It's a "soup kitchen" where anyone can visit to get a hot meal and hang out for a while.  Ben came with me this time around, and I really had no idea how he would do, but he was GREAT.  He wrapped flatware and helped serve.  Dad came and picked him up after church (around 3 hours into it), but I think he actually could have made it the entire 5 hours.  We served chicken tortilla casserole, chips, sauce, salad, and banana pudding.

He looks angry, but he is actually trying very hard to concentrate on counting.

Serving was his favorite part. It's the entire team's favorite part!
Next time, he'll have to stick around for the clean-up (not so fun).

In other news, the newts are STRESSING ME OUT, and Greg thinks it's pretty funny since he never agreed to the purchase.  I've had a "I think Rex is dead" moment every day.  If you think newts can't have a personality, you're wrong.  This little gherkin spends most of his time playing dead or hiding from me (so I think he's escaped).  Cody is completely normal, eats well, doesn't hide, never "plays dead", etc. 

I can't believe this week is the last week of school!  Ben only has two days left!  Pray that I'll make it through the summer with these 4 children (2 humans and 2 newts) ! I'm getting nervous!

We've had some yummy food this week:  smoked pork loin/grilled corn on the cob; turkey sausage with sauerkraut; hamburger steaks with mushroom gravy and broccoli/cheese sauce; and last night, we went to Cheddars, where I had grilled fish tacos, Greg had sheperd's pie, and Ben had a grilled sandwich and baked potato.  Sadie eats a little of everyone's and last night she was ON. She was talking up a storm (although we don't know what she's saying) to the point where she was disturbing the tables around us.  Everyone was probably annoyed, but we just smile, take it all in, and encourage her to be even louder!

And finally, I am about to watch New Moon with Greg (who will be seeing it for the first time).  I'll probably fall asleep fifteen minutes into it (like Avatar last night).


rachel said... crack me up.

love you!

Melissa said...

Ben looks so sweet counting out that plastic ware.. *Melts*