Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Saturday

Ben saw Greg and I hugging in bed this morning and said, "Would you like a side of fries with that?" as he snuggled up next to us. He said we were a double cheeseburger.  Nothing like a good laugh first thing in the morning!

Breakfast of avocado and eggs with my favorite girl. I love to share breakfast with her! If you don't know, I love food. Most of my memories revolve around meals :) Just ask any of my family! Not to mention, I found a great deal on avocados at Sam's. Not good for my backside (because portion control is a problem here), but oh so yummy.

Speaking of Sadie, she's sporting these lower pigtails now, and I love them!

Those sweet little curls just make me happy. It's the little things.

A good workout.  I'm was too sore (from Body Pump) to do another class this morning, so I spent an hour on the elliptical.  I love being able to take this hour for myself while my children have a party in the daycare.  Ben BEGS to go, and they know and love Sadie.  Yesterday they told me I no longer need to make an appointment for her! That's just awesome news.  This morning we were running a little late, but I didn't have to worry about missing our appointment time.  On the other hand, I have NO EXCUSE to get out of a workout!

Ben has his first big project: a solar system mobile!

I've waited a long time for this moment! I love school projects!
3 planets have been completed, and I am trying VERY HARD not to interfere with his creativity!

And last, but not least...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing this!

Ben reads well (assigned reading), but for him to ask me to buy him a book (instead of a toy), and then sit on the couch and get started? This has never happened.

Hope Everyone Has A Wonderful Weekend!

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