Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I said this A LOT yesterday. I may have said another word to myself.

 It was a C - R - A - Z - Y day!

I woke at the crack of dawn to shower, organize, and pack bags.

We started off the day with 7:45 PT, then rushed on to Tyler for OT and speech.

PT and OT went very well; speech therapy not so much...

We worked on feeding, and Sadie let us know how she felt about that.

Sadie's SLP is just the nicest girl. I felt so bad that Sadie was just screaming at her the whole time.

It will get better. It always does.

We arrived home around noon, and I headed off to some appointments.

First appointment: hair removal. One word. PAIN. 

Second appointment: spray tan. One word.  BAD.  By the end of the night, I looked like the neighbor on "There's Something About Mary".  You know the one.

Apparently this is "normal".  The bronzer washes off during the first shower/bath.  It actually looks pretty good this morning.

I came home to find a very alarming email from Ben's school.  A child in 8th grade brought a gun to school.  The school went into total lockdown, the police arrived rapidly, and the boy was arrested.  Everyone did exactly what they were supposed to do, and the younger children (who are in different buildings) never knew. Ben still doesn't know.  No word yet on the motive, whether the gun was loaded, etc.  We will know soon.

Of course, I had a complete meltdown.  I cried and cried.  Greg went outside to give me some time alone.  I just wanted to go pick Ben up and bring him home and never take him back. Greg told me to go (wouldn't you if your wife was hysterical), but, I didn't. The situation had been handled perfectly, and he didn't even know anything had happened. 

We picked him up from his playdate after school (believe me I did not want to let him go to someone's house after this, but he had been looking forward to it all week), and headed to dinner with our good friends: The Schroeders and The Sanders'

Ben was tired and whiney about the restaurant (Greg put him in his place), and the bill was outrageous (for a small amount of food).  I am not at all cheap about food, but when we are charged tons of "extras" because we sit in the sushi bar, rather than a table, I get annoyed (Greg put me in my place).  The food and company were great, though! Ben perked up mid-way, and Sadie had a blast with these two precious girls.  They fed her large amounts of fortune cookies!

Homework was waiting for Ben when he arrived home.  He's reading 20 pages a night now, writing stories with his spelling words, and completing 4 pages of math at a time.  He fell asleep on the twelth page of his assigned reading.  We finished the rest this morning. Poor guy.

Today is a better day! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Wish I could afford to go out tonight and have a margarita!

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Anonymous said...

you are so busy!!!
I laughed out loud at the tanning part of your blog, after having a panic attack in the spray booth, I freaked out at the beautiful shade of orange I was in a few hours... it did wash off, but they should really warn you about that stuff :)
I am so glad everything went as well as it did with the situation at Ben's school. God was watching over them!